[ Guidance ]

We know that when it comes to a young person deciding their next move, making the best and most informed decision is as important to their support networks as to the individual themselves. Parents, guardians, carers, education professionals, family and friends also need information and clear understanding of the benefits but also the requirements, commitments and challenges that come with an apprenticeship.

Age eligibility
Apprenticeships provide individuals aged 16-24 the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications and practical experience working in an industry they’re passionate about.

The minimum national apprenticeship wage is £2.73 per hour. (This will rise to £3.30 per hour in October 2015.) However all of our vacancies offer more than this, some up to £4.00 per hour. Each vacancy on the vacancies page will specify the job offer and salary. An applicant must consider and budget their living costs and daily travel to and from their place of work.

Time commitments
An apprentice will work at least 30 hours per week, but usually more. Most of our vacancies are for between 35 to 40 hours per week and are for a minimum of 12 months. In certain sectors the training period could be longer. This will be outlined within each job specification on the jobs board.

Adapting to change
An applicant will be aware of the time commitment required to achieve their specific apprenticeship and each applicant should feel they can commit to that time period before applying.

Is it worth it?
Yes. In today’s job market it is increasingly difficult for young people to enter the world of work without relevant qualifications. More importantly, employers are increasingly on the lookout for skilled and experienced individuals who have the vocational attributes to hit the ground running. In contrast to the basic apprenticeship wage, an apprentice gains qualifications and experience without debts or loans associated with higher education and are in a favourable position for gaining a full time job afterwards. Being on an apprenticeship is a developmental journey that requires commitment and dedication, but the rewards and progression opportunities available to qualified individuals are good compensation for the training provided and the apprenticeship wage.

You can find an apprenticeship in just about any industry, designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to progress. Check out the job board to see what vacancies are available in the Leeds region or send an enquiry form and we’ll do the legwork to find a vacancy for you.